Straight from my Journal…

Every once in a while, a shot of Light appears from nowhere as I lift my pen, open my journal, and begin to write. The following entry seems worth sharing:

What if I just lightened up?!?

What if I followed the counsel I give to my clients, when I see them exhausting themselves with idealism, trying harder, ever harder?

What if I just decided to COAST for a while?

What would that look like?

  • I’d refrain from making everything über-significant.
  • I’d stop pushing for “big insights” – ?  –  which might allow me to see little ones.
  • I’d enjoy restored curiosity, openness, flexibility.
  • I’d reclaim the joy of seat-of-the-pants living. Just be.
  • This approach would enable me to suspend judgment – of myself and others – and live in the moment.

While I’m at it, what if I applied a great big dose of kindness, compassion, and “open forgiveness” to myself? What if I gave myself credit for loving others even if I do it imperfectly?

What would I be leaving behind?

  • Heavy, inflexible expectations.
  • Trying to live in yesterday’s construct.
  • Expecting myself to be perfect, impervious, not needing others.

What would I be picking up, adopting?

  • Greater compassion through lesser judgment.
  • Renewed curiosity.
  • Change of focus. Less navel-gazing, more outward-looking.
  • Flying lightly.
  • Cultivating a sense of abundance instead of scarcity.

Perhaps instead of analyzing things ad nauseum I could just decide to accept things as they are. Let things be!

There it is: a shot of Light, reminding me that things really are simpler than I allow them to be. All I need to do is release myself into the cosmic stream, floating and flowing with what “is,” while “trust[ing] in the slow work of God.” (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin)