The Big Bad Threesome

I have a going joke with one of my good friends (she is one of us, a Kindred Spirit) about the three things, which, when all are present at the same time, can derail just about any positive attitude or ability to cope. Here they are:


Needing a haircut

Horrible weather, grey, rainy, soggy skies, etc.

Joke, you say? Well, the funny part is that it helps if you are aware of what is putting you over the edge. (in addition to whatever the crisis du jour actually is) So, for instance, a few weeks ago when I could barely muster the spirit to feed the dog – let alone think about my own dinner or anything constructive – I remembered to take the Big Bad Three test. And guess what? I was bone-tired, it was pouring rain, and my haircut was a week overdue. Made me laugh to think how predictable things can be if we learn to observe them.

The good news is that once I’d assessed the situation, I already felt better. Well, a little. Mostly I decided I could let myself off the hook, find a can of soup, pour a glass of wine, and be sure, sure, sure to turn in early.

Of the three demons, needing sleep is the one that affects me the most. When I’m too tired, ain’t nothin’ gonna help short of shut-eye, and lots of it.

We need to know these things about ourselves, and learn to bear them gently, carefully, respectfully. No one can nurture us if we don’t first nurture ourselves. And, I might add – we don’t have much to bring to anyone else, either, unless we’ve taken care of ourselves first.

So, sister spirits, take good care of yourselves, and remember that’s not selfish, it’s good stewardship of the self God gave you.

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