Coping with Fear in Uncertain Times

Dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic certainly has put us smack in the middle of uncharted territory, unsure of what to do, of what is coming, etc.  – all sorts of unknowns. Such situations are fertile ground for fear to take root and grow, holding us hostage at the very time we most need our calmest wits about us.

Recently, I put together a short presentation on dealing with fear from a life coach’s perspective for the Congregational Church in Tryon, NC. Here is a link to the presentation in case it is of interest to you:

(If you’d like the accompanying summary sheet, send me an note at

On a side note, I am so glad it’s spring, because spring reminds me that new life always comes around, no matter what. And we will come to better times again, no matter what!

In the meantime, blessings to each of you. May you be safe, may you be at ease and be happy, as much as you can.


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