Messages from a Dream

Our spirits are always trying to help us learn, cope, and find our place within the Oneness of all that is. The messages come through many channels: life experiences, people we encounter, books we read – so many different means. One of the least understood of these is our dreams.

Scientists say that we dream at least four to six times a night, but I’m not one of those people who frequently remembers dreams upon waking. That said, I’ve learned that when I do remember a dream, I need to pay attention, because dreams are our friends. They are trying to help us process whatever is going on in our lives, even when they are weird, disturbing, or a seemingly incomprehensible mélange of unrelated vignettes. (Which mine usually are, rarely having a straightforward story line.)

The challenge is figuring out how to get beyond the flashing images to underlying messages. As part of my life coach training, I learned a system for analyzing dreams as a way to access truth that lies deep within the subconscious. Although I came to the process with some skepticism, I have found it to be powerful, another most welcome tool to have at my disposal for this messy business of living.

Recently I had a compelling, wildly phantasmagoric dream. I woke abruptly, not exactly upset, but clearly unsettled and agitated. I grabbed a pen and wrote down all the details I could remember and then set to work, using the analysis system from my coaching training. It’s a complicated, time-consuming process with multiple steps, but when I finished, here are the messages I found hidden within the experience:

  • Life is chaotic. Trying to prevent that is an exercise in futility. Be peaceful anyway.
  • There are always possibilities, but they may not be immediately apparent, or look like I expect them to look.
  • Behind all the drama, life goes on!
  • I need to make room for ways other than my own.
  • There are lots of opportunities beyond those I personally generate. My “control” is so minimal, really. . .
  • Avoid assumptions and ESP. (Expectations, Suppositions, and Projections)
  • Beware of over-organizing lest I get in my own way.
  • I don’t have to be perfect!
  • Beware of distractions. Stay focused on my goal(s).
  • Dropping complications feels simpler, easier, more relaxed.
  • Just be. That’s where joy resides.

Not bad for a night’s work!


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