Testing . . . My Intention!

Quoting Denise Linn, in Sacred Place:

“Where intention goes, energy flows. . .

Your intention can be likened to a journey.

Your overall intention is your destination

and your specific intentions can be likened

to signposts along the way.”


My inspiration for this morning’s quote is that it is my intention to have a blog mechanism in place that actually works like it’s supposed to . . . in that if you want to receive it in your inbox, you do — but only once! — and that it enables us to have a conversation, when you are inspired to reply.

Some of you may have experienced problems, receiving my blog entry multiple times. My tech support people tell me this has been fixed, so my fingers, toes, and eyes are crossed. If you experience any problems, please let me know at once. (Probably the best way is to email me at gwen@act2lifecoaching.com.)

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2 thoughts on “Testing . . . My Intention!

  1. As always the timeliness of your posts and inspirations. Thank you finally for myself on this continued journey of life after divorce am slowly finding or at least choosing a home 🙂 thanks for all your wonderful words and wish me luck 🙂


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