Dreaming, Scheming, and Execution

It’s getting a little embarrassing that so many of these posts seem to relate to the C-word, (lest you’ve forgotten, that would be “control”) but my mind continues to be ablaze with variations on that theme. You know, same old/same old . . . “get to the list, get things done, be disciplined, for Heaven’s sake.” Along with a good dose of “If you can dream it you can do it,” etc. etc. (Makes me tired!)

But here we are, the longest day of the year, harbinger of a very different message. Summer with its unique mindset has officially arrived, giving us permission to kick back, vacation, read Less-Than-Mind-Improving Literature (noses in the air, please) and generally do what we have to but not much else until September, enjoying as much downtime as possible without letting things fall apart. (Opposite of control. Makes me smile!)

And then, the chance appearance of this quote from Allen Koch in my inbox :
“Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will no longer be controlling any circumstances.”  (No question – gotta smile at that one.)
I’ve been mulling today on how these thoughts fit together. I believe in discipline, in dreams, in Thinking Big. Truly, vision usually does precede manifestation. We bring the power of unseen forces to bear when we dare conceptualize our heart’s desires, setting the Law of Attraction in motion.

But here’s where we lose our way: we begin to confuse dreaming with thinking that it’s all up to us, and so we set out to control all the various parameters. In effect, we shut down or at least diminish the free-flowing possibilities that exist in an abundance beyond our imaginations. We think we are executing our dreams, but sometimes I think it’s more like we’re executing ourselves, getting in the way of allowing our lives to evolve with freedom and abandon. Our job, I think is to hold on to our dreams but let go of specific timetables and expectations. Surprises of all sorts, sparked by our imaginations, await if we can but let go.

Martha Beck talks about this in one of her essays about dreaming and scheming. She describes the whole process, and then counsels ending with two things: first, gratitude, recognizing all the wonderful things that have brought us to this very moment. And then (here’s the important one for die-hard proactive doers like me) she says very specifically to say  “I quit.” Not as in “I give up my dream,” but as in “I’ll do my part, but then I’ll let go, quit, and will see where it takes me.”

I’m not going to belabor this idea, because I think just noticing this possibility may help to loosen the grip the urge to control has on me. I hurt my own cause by trying too hard! What a lovely thought for the beginning of summer, giving me permission to coast a bit. To hold on to the dreams, but let the Universe do the heavy lifting.
Happy guilt-free lazy days to all!

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