Short and Sweet, #2

This was this morning’s entry from Morning Notes by Hugh Prather. I want to share it with you.

Simply Start Over

“I want to know in advance every detail of my future course. Whether considering a new job, new friendship, new computer program, or simply ordering something new from the menu, I think I am due an exact accounting of the results before I begin. Since this is impossible, I never start. This is especially detrimental when I make a spiritual mistake and get bogged down over what went wrong instead of simply beginning again. To start over I must be willing to take myself as I am, to work with what I have, and to do so in the present. Mistakes need only corrected.”

How often we forget this simple truth, staying mired in something that doesn’t work, stagnating in endless self-flagellation because we expected perfection that we couldn’t deliver, or even failing to begin something just because we couldn’t know the outcome. It can be simpler. “Just start over.” Good to remember!

Hope all’s well with all of you. Happy Spring!

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