It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since I returned from my annual “pilgrimage” to the Maine woods. Fabulous trip this year, both my children (as well as my son-in-law and my granddaughter) able to join me for a family reunion. Those times are few, and precious beyond description.

One of the things I always try to do when I am there is to go to the lighthouse at Pemaquid Point. I love the wildness of the ocean, the pounding of the surf, the expansive views that remind me to keep things in perspective, (as in how teensy I am in the scheme of things . . .) and the rocks. Oh, my – the awesome rocks:

These rocks were formed 450 million years ago, at the bottom of the ocean. Talk about perspective! It is  incomprehensible to imagine their journey from the bottom of the ocean to this rugged coastline in Maine. And yet, there they are, beautiful beyond description in spite of their ragged edges, or maybe because those edges are so jagged, the colors so motley. Imagine the forces that brought these huge chunks out of the deep and deposited them here. Imagine the time it took to accomplish this, and then add the time it took to smooth those edges. In contrast, here I am, impatient, wanting what I want now, let alone tomorrow. Yes, perspective! I need it, need it anew, every single day.

Nature counsels patience. It shows us the longer view, encouraging us to wait with trust. It is a testimony to the beauty that only time, weather, and cataclysmic forces can create. I find it hard to wait faithfully, so I am glad for such beautiful, powerful reminders. And I’m aware that “cataclysms,” as frightening as they are, are an indispensable part of creation. It’s a package deal . . . .

Somehow this picture fills out the metaphor:

This is three generations, me with my daughter and granddaughter, climbing the rocks. My precious little Eleanor is oh, so determined to hike along, no matter how big the boulder, how big the step needed! Another lesson from the rocks. Be patient, climb, no matter how hard the way. Hold hands, and get strength from those you love. Trust that things will happen as they are supposed to. Enjoy the journey!

Wishing all of you a beautiful fall season, full of reassuring messages from Mother Nature, who does, indeed, have so much to teach us, so many ways to comfort us if we pay attention.

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