More From the Big Top

Funny (but wonderful) thing, how the subconscious/unconscious mind can take a thought and run with it, especially when we are sleeping.

I woke up this morning with another insight about trapeze metaphors. Perhaps sometimes the problem can be that we see another trapeze coming toward us, grab it with one hand while still holding on to the original trapeze with the other! It doesn’t take much imagination to understand what would result from that maneuver: all movement completely stopped, the poor, feckless artiste hanging motionless in mid air! Not a pretty picture, but a useful one, helping us to realize how absolutely important it is to be able to let go of the old, and heartily embrace the new with both hands, both feet, everything we’ve got! We can still let go, tumble into the safety net if need be. But staying suspended in mid air, motionless, solves nothing. It merely stops us in our tracks, (trajectories?) and prolongs whatever it is that we are trying to grow beyond.

I find this image inspiring, and hope you do, too. Here’s to flying with our whole hearts and beings.


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