Thinking about Hardship

It’s been too long since we’ve connected – Before sending this post, I’ve been determined to join the 21st century and have a look that “belongs” to Womansong. Trust me, this has not been easy!

It seems very little is “easy,” actually. I’m thinking as I write that there must be a lesson in there, somewhere . . . Maybe things aren’t supposed to be easy. Well, what, then are they supposed to be? My mind is taking off in circles. I think the simple answer is that there is no “what things are supposed to be.” It is more a case that we are supposed to be flexible. We need to find joy in the journey, we need to try to adjust with grace, laugh (or at least smile) at the challenges, bear ourselves and our tasks gently. Not always easy. (Oops – there’s that word again . . .) The bottom line is that the only thing we can hope to control is our attitude. So here’s to trumping “easy” with an attitude of flexibility.

Meanwhile, I’m gradually finding a rhythm with book marketing and sales. Thank you, all, for such fabulous response and encouragement! Sales have been strong; reactions and reviews positive; invitations rolling in, including a call from Lifetime Channel’s The Balancing Act for an author interview to air in late November, and again next spring! Who knew?!?

It underscores to me, somehow, that we are all in this together; that women identify with balance issues, and long to share with each other, and learn from each other. Not to mention hold each other up!

Once again, I salute you all. I’d like to close with a quote from Martha Beck:

If any woman unleashes her creativity, her world will split open. She’ll find unprecedented ways of solving problems, bridging gaps, and expressing her soul, and her corner of the world will be irrevocably changed. —  Martha Beck, O Magazine- November, 2001

Go for it, one and all – Do what you love, reach out and share, and get ready to reap rewards you have not begun to imagine.

Meanwhile, I hope the “livin’ is easy,” and that you are enjoying the unique energy and rejuvenation that belongs, somehow, only to summer.

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