A Valentine for You

This posting, I’d like to share something with you that Renée Locks, artist and calligrapher for Womansong, shared with me.

The first time I visited Renée in her studio in California, I fell in love with one of her original pieces and asked if it was for sale. “No, ” she said, “it isn’t.” I didn’t think anything more about it. Several years later, (yes, years) a package arrived one day in the mail. It was the piece of framed artwork that I had admired. “I thought you should have it,” said the accompanying note.

What is it that inspires generosity and sharing? We do not realize, sometimes, how much our thoughtfulness can mean to someone else, how it may come at the very moment that someone is most in need of encouragement. That lovely gift on Renée’s part was inspiration to continue at a time when motivation was running mighty thin.
Here’s the quote that is calligraphed in this piece, which is done in hues of soft pinks, golds, and taupes:

A woman’s lesson is a simple lesson:

Whatever life asks, answer with love.

A woman’s lesson is a wise lesson:

Whenever conflict threatens, go forth in harmony.

A woman’s lesson is a gradual lesson:

Whenever there is a storm, remain in a calm center.

A woman’s lesson is a courageous lesson:

Wherever there is despair, sow the seed of hope.

– Nancy Wood, Spirit Walker

Wishing you love, courage, and inspiration this Valentine’s Day

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