Deep in December

Deep in December it’s nice to remember all the special people in my life.  My “kindred spirits” are certainly part of my “A” list.

Yesterday I received an email from one of you with the following quote, which seems like the perfect Christmas message:

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future. It is a fervent wish that every cup overflow with blessings rich and eternal, that every path lead to peace.”
– Agnes Pharo

I am touched by this trilogy. We all bring with us so many dimensions from our pasts: joys, heartaches, beginnings, endings, festering conundrums that long for resolution, lovely memories, and painful ones. . . to treat all these with tenderness and accepting forbearance is the best possible course, surely the wisest thing we can aspire to do. And if we can aspire to it, we can do it!

As to “courage for the present,” there always seems to be plenty on today’s plate that calls, even begs, for courage. I have just recently experienced again the miracle of courage, of daring to reach just a little farther than I thought I could, to be rewarded ten-fold for daring to risk. It sounds so trite, but there is so much good  “out there,” and when we come from wishing for good ourselves, and we reach for it in our daily lives, wherever we find ourselves, we actually attract it. Courage magnifies and multiplies; it takes seed and grows wherever it is planted.

“Hope” can be hard to come by at times. I think of those of you who are dealing with fresh grief, with disappointments, with hearts burdened with private sadnesses. These, too, are part of our human destiny. Without them I suspect we would be callous or uncaring, miss much of our connection with others. Bittersweet, for sure, but the word that starts with “bitter” ends with “sweet.” As long as we are there for each other (which is what kindred spirits are all about) nothing will totally undo us. And yes, I do say “totally” because it is certainly true that in the short haul we can be overwhelmingly undone.

I belabor the last leg of this stool of tenderness, courage, and hope because I know so very personally how daunting the hard times can be. I want to affirm that my personal experience only backs up what I have so often read: Persist. Hang on. Things do get better, and those who love us stand ready to shore us up in the meantime.
Next month I will fill you in on progress with publication. Things are coming together in astonishing, wonderful, breathtaking ways!

I want to close by passing on to you the greeting Womansong’s illustrator, Renee Locks, sent to me: (wish I could forward the artwork, as well – a beautiful, energetic evergreen!)

“Another precious year on earth – May the gentle glow of this season light your way all through the year.”
May blessings, peace, and love abound in your lives –

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